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The Company
Is Arenas Residence is a company whose aim is to create the residential development of Is Arenas area that will turn one of the most extraordinary site of the west coast of Sardinia into a well-planned second-home community that will satisfy stringent environmental conditions for the protection of the natural habitat.

The planned homes are located round the stunning golf course or nearby the spectacular coast line. The whole plan has been created to preserve the environmental integrity of the site.

The Golf Course
The American architect Robert Von Hagge masterfully designed Is Arenas 18 hole, 6200 metre long course, tucked away on more than 700 hectares(640 acres = 259 hectares) of wooded land rolling down to the sea. In 2001 this course was awarded as the best Italian golf course by the board of the magazine ‘Mondo Golf’ and is judged one of the most attractive courses round the Mediterranean sea.
For information also related to the Golf Hotel Is Arenas 5 stars you can visit the site

The Place and the Climate
The site of Is Arenas is almost completely covered by a vast pinewood forest which extends to a 5 kilometre shoreline of beautiful sandy beaches and dunes. The crystal clear sea of Sardinia in this area has shallow waters and is very safe and suitable for surfing and sailing.

Is Arenas enjoys a very mild climate even in Winter when temperatures never go below an average of 10-12 degree during the day. The summer temperatures are rarely over 30-32 degree as the North-West breeze cools the pinewood forest and keeps it fresh at night.

The rainfall averages 550-600mm a year.

The untouched environment and secluded beauty, the sea and the sun make Is Arenas a perfect destination for an unforgettable holiday.


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Giorgio Minetto
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